Monday, November 7, 2011

Expanding my barefoot horizons...

So, as part of my never-ending battle with my weight, I decided to try to add some additional strength building workouts into my routine.  So I figured, I write a barefoot blog, let's try it barefoot!

I hit the gym at St. Kate's, and plotted my course.  After a warm up, I would run 2 miles (26 laps of the gym), doing a different strength building exercise after each lap.


Actually, I kind of feel like I could take on the world right now.

I had the gym to myself, so I was able to even kick off my VFFs (and we all know what those are now, right!), and do the whole thing truly barefoot.  It was interesting.  I noticed that without uber-supportive shoes, I had to pay a lot more attention to my form, and found that some of the things I did worked muscles I wouldn't have guessed, and that my core got maybe a bit more workout because of it.

Have to admit, I kind of dug it.  Plus, it was a nice way to work in 2 miles of running barefoot.  I'm shooting for a barefoot 5k on Thanksgiving.  We'll see how it goes.  Most importantly is not getting hurt.  I was actually able to work out the always-present cramp in my lower medial soleus (inner calf, for those not trying to memorize anatomy like me :) ), and am feeling pretty good at the moment.

Off to guzzle a gallon of water and then sit through lecture.  Must remember to stretch some more before bed, as I suspect my muscles are going to hate me tomorrow. :)

So if you're curious about barefoot, but maybe not up to running, try kicking off your shoes while you try something else.  You may enjoy it.  I'm planning to keep it up until administration notices and makes me put on shoes. :)

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