Friday, November 4, 2011

First Rule of VFFs...

Be careful where you wear them.  Not because you might hurt your feet, but because people, for whatever reasons, will feel it appropriate to grab your toes.  No, seriously.  Total strangers have actually grabbed and wiggled my toes. 

But, if you handle it well, it's a good way to get conversations started about barefooting. 

I am, however, continuing my search for barefoot shoes for the winter that aren't quite as, well, obvious as my VFFs.  In summer I mostly wore my huaraches, which grabbed attention, but nobody grabbed my toes. :)  I'm wearing my VFFs pretty much every day now that it's cooler, but I know there are situations where they just aren't going to be accepted.  So far, that's probably my biggest trouble with converting to barefooting. 

Time to head off to bed, so I can hopefully be up early tomorrow and get in a run on one of our probably last nice fall days.  

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